Heating Guide

 How do I reheat my meal from Hammer & Tongs Food Stop?
*Please note, any clear lid is not microwave or oven proof.
Our Containers: 
Most of our containers are compostable and are oven, microwave, fridge & freezer safe (excluding PET /clear lid). You can heat directly in these containers, just remove the clear lid first. If item is in a tin, please remove cardboard lid before placing in the oven. Do not place tin in microwave.
You can heat your Hammer & Tongs meals in their biocane containers in the microwave. Simply remove any clear lid and heat through until piping hot.  We cannot tell you exactly how long to heat as it depends on your microwave’s power. As a guide, we recommend you microwave on high for 2-4 minutes, stirring every minute or so. If frozen, add an additional 1-2 minutes. Please remove items that arrive in a vacuum sealed bag and put them in a microwave safe dish before heating.
Oven for Vacuum Sealed Bags (Slow Cook, No Mess): 
If your food has come in a vacuum sealed bag, you can pop it straight into your oven on a low heat of 80C. Allow half an hour (or until piping hot). The bags are food grade and are designed to be heated to these temperatures.
Oven for Biocane Containers & Tins:  
Preheat oven to 180 degrees celsius.
Tins can go straight in the oven; just remove the cardboard lid first.
Place food in biocane container or tin into the oven for 10-20mins or until piping hot. If the meal is frozen, defrost prior to heating.
Safety First:
Please be careful when removing items from the oven or microwave.
All food should only be reheated once and it should be reheated to a minimum internal temperature of 75 degrees celcius. For an accurate reading, use a probe thermometer. If the meal has not reached an internal temperature of 75 degrees celsius after following the instructions, continue to cook until it is appropriately heated. If in doubt, heat until piping hot.