At Hammer & Tongs we get a lot of... "Do you do any catering?" questions, and the answer is… WE SURE DO!
We've made food for every occasion from picnics on islands to black tie events, family dinners and work functions, weddings and celebrations of all kinds!
Our food is family style so works for many different types of functions.
The way it works is we do all your shopping, menu planning, food prep and cooking. Then all you need to do is pick up (chilled or hot) and serve at your event.  All the yes, none of the mess - easy!

If you are a long time customer and have some particular faves, let us know and we will do our best to get your fave meal on your event table. Otherwise please check out our Catering Menu and Sweet Treats Menu!
Email us at with your requirements (such as date, how many are in your party, dietary requirements etc). We can work with you to organise a fantastic meal within your budget. 
to us soon!

FOOD SAFETY NOTE: When reheating food, please ensure that food is heated to at least 75C and that you only reheat food once.