About Us

As passionate home cooks, we have years of experience feeding the hungry masses.
And when it comes to delivering nutritious, hearty and delicious food that is devoured by everyone – from handy husbands and farming fathers - to firefighters, girlfriends and even fussy toddlers – we’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t.
It was this, along with a growing desire nationwide for food that feeds health and vitality, that inspired us to set up Hammer & Tongs to deliver affordable, nourishing, real food to busy families, tradies, commuters and the wider community.‍‍‍
Determined to give the convenience food industry a shake up, we turned to our grandmothers’ low and slow cooking techniques to deliver food that is healthier and made from quality, ethically sourced ingredients.
We want to be part of the movement to improve the quality of our convenience food culture. You should be able to recognise what is on your plate as what it is…. which is why we aim to use seasonal, local and ethically sourced produce in all our dishes.
We are free range (chicken, eggs, pork/bacon) & grass-fed (beef & lamb), local (we support local business), seasonal, ethical, conscious and a part of this community. We recycle, compost, promote BYO containers and send any store leftovers to the community fridge.
We welcome you to our kitchen table at Hammer & Tongs.
Kate and Mia
Kate & Mia Hammer & Tongs Gluten Free Food Delivered NZ