Everything is gluten free - naturally!

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Skip the Supermarket, Skip the prep, Skip the clean up!!!

You don't have time to cook, but you want to nourish you and your family... Don't worry, H&T have got you sorted with a selection of hearty, nutritious & tasty home cooked, gluten free meals that are ready to go - yes everything is Gluten Free!

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Simply select the items you want and we will deliver them direct to your door - be that door at home, work or your favourite holiday destination! 

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Gluten Free - naturally

Health is Wealth. Invest in yours by eating as close to nature as possible. If you can't pronounce it - don't eat it!

Local, Ethical, Seasonal

Free range, Grass Fed, Local, Compostable, Zero Waste

Vegan? Paleo? It's your choice!

You know what's best for your body. Build your own meal just the way you want it and only pay for the dishes you want.

Fresh Food Delivered. We cook so you don't have to!


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"Excellent Food from a Menu that Changes Everyday and served by the Owners and their Dedicated Staff. 5 Stars is not High enough for Hammer & Tongs."


"HNT was recommended to me a while back, I finally went today. I loved everything about it, the staff, the seasonal GF food, the coffee, the commitment to sustainability and ethical purchasing..... I would recommend this place to anyone not just those needing GF!"


Popped in this morning for a coffee and met lovely Mia. Bought some lovely lamb, potato bake and roast potatoes. Also purchased citrus salad. Simply warmed it up and served to the family. So delicious! Beautifully cooked honest food. My family and I loved it. We are very fussy eaters and the plates were eaten clean! That should say it all. We'll be regulars for sure!